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Choose etk implants!

The warranty of a 100% French production
Located in the heart of the European micromechanics and screw-machining capital, etk benefits from an environment that is favourable to the integration of the necessary knowledge for implant manufacturing (qualified special workforce, a wide technological range) and therefore performs all the steps in its Sallanches site (France, Haute-Savoie).

More than 20 years of clinical experience
etk is a French company specialised in developing, manufacturing and commercialising dental implants, and was created in 1992 by a French implantologist, after 4 years of research.

A quality reference
etk is subject to the following standards, directives and regulatory references:

  • ISO 13485

Our products are CE certified; certification number 0459.

An international dimension
etk is represented throughout the world by its subsidiaries and distribution companies in 34 countries in 5 continents.

  • An ingeener team
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Control of implants
  • Implant manufacturing
  • Unit control: 100% of parts
  • Unit control: 100% of parts
  • Surface treatment of implants: titanium oxide sandblasting
  • Surface treatment of implants: particle decontamination and bactericide
  • Class 100 white room packaging
  • Choose etk implants!