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Dental implant

Advantages of dental implant

Tooth preservation

Until now, a lost tooth was replaced by a prosthesis which, in the absence of a root, was supported by the adjacent teeth, either by hooks or with crowns on the adjacent teeth to make a bridge.

In both cases, those teeth deteriorated in the long term; hooks could loosen the supporting teeth, and covering those teeth meant they needed to be cut down to size.

Furthermore, the roots of the teeth that support the denture had to withstand greater chewing pressure. It is not uncommon to lose the teeth supporting this kind of denture.

Bone preservation

As soon as a tooth is missing, a process of bone resorption begins under the prosthesis and may compromise its long-term adaptation.

At the stage of advanced bone resorption, that is to sa,y when the tooth has been missing for a long time, it is even more difficult to install implants as the bone volume is no longer sufficient to anchor them.

  • Bonded bridge
  • Removable prosthesis (hooks)
  • Screwed prosthesis
  • Bone resorption